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Temporary Exhibition: Architectural Heritage of Ghana 20th December, 2018 to 20th March, 2019

The temporary exhibition at the National Museum under the theme: Architectural Heritage of Ghana, CLOSED yesterday (March 21, 2019).

The exhibition is a broad acknowledgement of the role architectural heritage plays in the National development of Ghana and the need for the appropriate recognition to help improve our cultural narrative. In architecture, strutures tell stories and therefore, the buildings and structures chosen weave a story from our early beginnings to the present. The Photographic exhibition leads visitors through a physical landscape centered on distinct places in our history for one of the following reasons;

  • Cultural Identity
  • National Development Agenda
  • Architectural Style
  • Construction Technology
  • Aesthetic Value

The exhibits include one rarely-seen photographic presentation of the model of the National Museum based on the architectural drawings by Arc. Dott Franco Minissi by Ghana's first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to Mr. Arthur Bottomley, Britain's Secretary of State for Commomnwealth. 

We thank you for visiting the exhibition.  

Osu Castle (Christiansborg) is opened to the public everyday from Monady to Sunday between 9:00am-4:30pm 

For Practical information on the exhibition please contact William: +233 24 345 9659



We are sorry for the inconvenience caused

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