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Accra, Thursday December 24, 2015: Beginning Thursday, December 24, 2015, the National Gallery of the Ghana Museums is closed for emergency works which are estimated to be completed in six months. The much needed remedial works, according to the Executive Director, Dr. Zagba Narh Oyortey, can no longer be delayed as the ceiling and roof have become weak. "We have to act immediately to prevent any risks to our collection of historical objects. This will be the first time since the building was commissioned in March 1957, that such comprehensive repair works will be undertaken. While the National gallery is shutdown, the Museum of Science and Technology will host a number of exhibitions in the new year to ensure that public interest in our arts and heritage is catered for." 

According to the Board Chairman Hon. Fritz Baffour, the closure will allow the Executive Director and Curators to develop a new exhibition which will be presented to the public when the Museum re-opens next year. He also said that Ghanaians who had objects of historical value could use this opportunity to make donations to the National Museum. Additionally, he urges Ghanaian artists to donate or loan their collections to the National Museum to ensure a more diversified exhibition. 

When reopening, the Museum will explore and present the dynamic diversity of Ghana as a nation, our role and place in the sub-region, the continent and in the world. This will revolve around our core focus of Art, Ethnography, Archaeology and History. 

For updates on the renovations, follow the Museum's Twitter page: @NMofGhana. The Museum's website will also be updated throughout the emergency repair project period. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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